Barrels to Beethoven is an organization focused on the preservation, education, and innovation of the steelpan. Founded by Leigh Solomon Pugliano, Barrels to Beethoven utilizes the steelpan, an afro-Caribbean instrument, as the tool for our educational programming. We provide engaging, entertaining, and interactive opportunities for our community, especially youth, to learn about the steelpan which includes historical context and building technique. Our ultimate goal is to provide a unique but impactful option for music and arts education while developing a new generation of steelpan players, builders, tuners, and enthusiasts.  Ensuring the growth and advancement of this new musical instrument.

Barrels to Beethoven offers uniquely impactful programs developed by Leigh Solomon Pugliano based on her expertise in steelpan education, curriculum development, steelpan history and cultural context, and youth development. Students of all ages will thoroughly enjoy learning all aspects of the steelpan and performance. In addition, children and youth who participate in our steelpan education programs gain the personal, social, emotional, and educational assets needed to support healthy development, increase well-being, self-esteem, and facilitate a successful transition through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood.

The Wilkinsburg Youth Steel Orchestra

We are currently fundraising to support our newest initiative. The Wilkinsburg Youth Steel Orchestra (WYSO) will provide music, cultural, and arts education to children in Wilkinsburg and the surrounding communities. Participants will enjoy learning in a structured band setting and performing for audiences. WYSO will develop young people into well-rounded musicians through four program components.

  • Technique and Performance
  • Music Theory
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Development

Pan Camp!    

August 6th thru 10thRegister Here