Who We Are

Barrels to Beethoven is an organization focused on the preservation, education, and innovation of the steelpan. Founded by Leigh Solomon Pugliano, Barrels to Beethoven utilizes the steelpan, an afro-Caribbean instrument, as the tool for our educational programming. Sometimes called the steeldrums in America, the correct name of the instrument is steelpan or pan. In order to preserve the steelpan, we provide engaging, entertaining, and interactive opportunities for our community, especially youth, to learn about the steelpan which includes historical context and building technique. Our ultimate goal is to provide a unique but impactful option for music and arts education while developing a new generation of steelpan players, builders, tuners, and enthusiasts,  ensuring the growth and advancement of this new musical instrument.

Barrels to Beethoven offers uniquely impactful programs developed by Leigh Solomon Pugliano based on her expertise in steelpan education, curriculum development, steelpan history, and youth development. Students of all ages thoroughly enjoy learning all aspects of the steelpan and performance. In addition, children and youth who participate in our steelpan education programs gain the personal, social, emotional, and educational assets needed to support healthy development, increase well-being, self-esteem, and facilitate a successful transition through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood.

Program Offerings and Workshops

We offer a broad range of learning opportunities for folks of all ages, including:

Lessons: Individual, Group, Adult Band, Youth Ensemble

Steelpan in the Classroom: A curriculum developed specifically for ages 8-14 and brought into the classroom. Sessions can be developed for six week or year long courses

Pan camp: A week-long summer camp for youth ages 8-14. During the week children are introduced to the steelpan, taught steelpan technique, the history and culture of the instrument and performance skills. At the end of the week, the camp puts on a performance for family and friends!

Educational Performances

Pan Builders Workshop: An in-depth course on building and tuning the steelpan

Join us on February 15th for

Let’s Play Pan 21+

Workshop + Fundraiser

Join us for Let’s Play Pan! 21+ Workshop and Fundraiser. The event will feature complimentary Caribbean inspired dishes and drinks that guests can enjoy while they learn to play the steelpan, a Caribbean instrument with deep roots in the Pittsburgh area. Our theme for the night is “Love”. Guests will learn songs in a band setting and are able to perform by the end of the night! 

With your support, Barrels to Beethoven hopes to raise funds to support our 2020 youth steelpan education programs which include; classroom and after school programs in underserved communities, school programs, youth ensemble, and maker program.