Barrels to Beethoven @ The Maker Faire

Barrels to Beethoven helps to “set the tone” at Pittsburghs first Maker Faire! This was the feedback we received from the Maker Faire team. What a compliment to our organization! We were so happy to participate in the Maker Faire. 

The Barrels to Beethoven booth welcomed guests as they entered the Faire and provided not just the enticing sound of music from the steelpan, but also offered a first hand look at how the instrument is made, tuned and played. Many guests commented that they had never had the opportunity to understand the building process and experience the instrument first hand. In addition to the guests who had never seen or heard of a steelpan before! That was our goal! 

The Highlights:

  1. All of the kids that truly enjoyed playing the pan so much so, that they kept coming back to the booth. 
  2. The father son team that learned the bass line to La Bamba and jammed with us.
  3. Receiving the Blue Ribbon from the Maker Faire!

We’ll definitely be back next year!


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