Steelpan in the Classroom

Our steelpan education courses bring steelpan history, playing technique and performance into children’s schools! Students in the course will gain a deeper understanding of the steelpan’s history, the building and tuning process, and playing technique. They are also taught performance skills and basic music theory, all while fostering a sense of expression and creativity.

Students taking the course will be taught by a Barrels to Beethoven instructor who thoroughly understands steelpan history, and the benefit of steelpan education for youth development. They will learn the instrument’s development, impact in Pittsburgh and growth around the world. There will be a focus on the early development stage, geography and Caribbean culture.

In terms of playing, we begin by utilizing the Rote Method, then elements of music theory and fundamentals are introduced. By the end of the course, students will understand basic music theory, and depending on their ability, will move on to more complex subjects. Throughout the course, a variety of songs will be taught. At the completion of every course, students will host a showcase during which they will demonstrate their abilities. They will also teach the audience what they’ve learned about the steelpan.

Sessions can be designed from 6 weeks through the entire school year. Please contact us for more information about developing a program for your school.

Lessons and Programs

Individual Lessons

Private lessons are available in 30 minute or 1 hour classes.

Youth Ensemble

Our Youth Ensemble provides regular instruction for a small group of young people. As part of the program, they also participate in educational performances throughout the region to teach the community about the steelpan. The program focuses on musicianship, technique, and performance. 

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